British Fuma Ryu Ninjutsu Society Braintree Dojo

 Celebrating 20 years training in the UK December 1992 - Present

History of the British Fuma Ryu Ninjutsu Society

The British Fuma Ryu Ninjutsu Society (BFNS) was formed in December 1992. The society teaches techniques of Fuma Ryu Ninjutsu from Soke Hoshino 19th Grandmaster of the school who lives in America. The society was originally formed by three sensei, Adam Richardson, Nick Martin and Derek Smart. Only Sensei Adam Richardson remains within the school today. 

Soke Hoshino has provided limited information on the history and lineage of the ryu to the BFNS. What we do know is that the techniques we have been taught originate from the Sengoku Jidai period when the Fuma Ryu operated with the Houjou Samurai family and were used a specialist battlefield troops to supplement their regular armed forces.

The BFNS aims to provide training in the skills practiced by the ikusa shinobi. Contrary to many stories the Fuma Ryu is not associated with the Bujinkan or any other ninjutsu ryu practicing today. The training offered by the BFNS is not related to the syllabus of the Bujinkan, Genbukan, Koga ryu or any of the other major ninjutsu ryuha.

Fuma Ryu Ninjutsu training offers students the chance to learn weapon skills and other skills associated with what has become known as the ninja. These skills are different to those that most people associate with ninja. The Fuma Ryu ninja were not assassins; they were employed as battlefield troops by the Houjou Samurai family. Unlike the Samurai who they served the Fuma ninja were not bound by the Bushido code of conduct and warfare and as such they could be used for different duties to that of the Samurai warrior. Primarily they were used as scouts or “battle disruptors”. This role refers to actions such as ambushes or raids against enemy camps to hamper preparations for war. The techniques of the BFNS are therefore closely linked to the historic role of the Fuma ninja within the battlefield.

It is the aim of the BFNS to preserve the techniques that we have been shown so that future generations may learn from the skills and techniques of the past.

The BFNS is a non-profit organisation, all fees are used cover running costs and all instructors give their time freely to teach students and manage the school.

Sensei Adam Richardson Ryodan cho presenting Kyoushi Paul Adams with the rank Joukyu Renraku Shinobi.

Soke Hoshino with Kyoushi Paul Adams during his last visit to the UK 

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