British Fuma Ryu Ninjutsu Society Braintree Dojo

1st East Anglian Weapons Seminar

3rd/4th September 2011


Seminar Outline

The East Anglian Western & Eastern Weapons seminar aims to bring together the martial arts from Europe and Asia within so that practitioners can compare and contrast the battlefield teachings of the west and east. The seminar is jointly hosted by Der Alberen Fechtschule and the British Fuma Ryu Ninjutsu Society (BFNS).

For more information visit the seminar website:

 The seminar allow practitioners from western and eastern arts to experience different training.

German Longsword was the weapon taught by Der Alberen, while the BFNS taught naginata jutsu, kenjutsu, shuriken waza and tanto jutsu.


20 years of the BFNS

Training for a whole day on the 2nd March 2013, celebrating 20 years of the school within the UK.

Training in Felsted Memorial Hall, Braintree Road, Felsted, Essex.

Cost £15 for the WHOLE DAY (10 am - 10 pm)

Ninjutsu basics training and techniques including night skills (escape, evasion and camouflage!)

Contact us through the site to book you place!

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