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To celebrate 20 years of the British Fuma Ryu Ninjutsu Society the ryu is pleased to offer for the first time international membership.

International membership will offer individuals the chance to become distant members of the school and have access to the information required to grade for the first four levels within the school, providing for the first time distance learning facility for Fuma Ryu Ninjutsu.

 Once membership is accepted individuals will be listed on this site with their current grade and date of membership as a central site to bring together Fuma Ryu practitioners from around the world.

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If you wish to apply for international membership to the British Fuma Ryu Ninjutsu Society Please complete the application form and send it to our re-mail account: 

The school welcomes applications for membership from all individuals, once forms are completed we will correspond directly with you to begin a working relationship before membership is confirmed. It is our aim to work with you to promote the teachings of Fuma Ryu Ninjutsu and we need to ensure we are able to support you in your learning and training within the ryu so we can assist you in meeting your long term training goals.


The Pack will contain the following items:

MEMBERSHIP CERTIFICATE: Lifetime affiliate membership of the BFNS.

Ability to grade for first four grades within Ryu: (Sho Shin Sha Ni/ Sho Shin Sha Ichi/ Seito Ni/ Seito Ichi. Once you have learn the initial techniques of the ryu you will be able to submit written papers and video techniques.

Reference Books:

Introduction to Fuma Ryu Ninjutsu

Weapon Skills of the Fuma Ryu

Training Methods of the Fuma Ryu

Fu No Densho (Book 1)

Fuma ryu Ninjutsu Initial Training Syllabus

Note: The initial grades within the ryu do not offer a full rank, as with all UK students these grades introduce students to the ryu so they can develop their knowledge and work towards achieving their first rank within the school which is the first officer rank awarded as part of the Genin levels.

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