British Fuma Ryu Ninjutsu Society Braintree Dojo


Kyoushi Paul Adams

Paul Adams is the head instructor within the Dojo. He has been training in Fuma Ryu Ninjutsu since March 1993. He has nearly 20 years experience with the school and has worked to promote the teachings of ninjutsu within the UK and worldwide for a number of years. Paul holds the rank of Joukyu Renraku Shinoi within the school and is the most senior student of Sensei Adam Richardson.

Kyoushi Paul works to promote the teachings of Fuma Ryu and has been writing for the shinobi No Mono Magazine for the past four years, sharing his knowledge of ninjutsu with practitioners worldwide. He hopes to continue to promote all forms of ninjutsu to practioners so that the ninjutsu community can grow together and all arts can work to promote their own training, knowledge and unique outlook on how they perceive the art of ninjutsu.

Kyoushi Paul specialises in the use of the katana and the naginata and these are the main focus of the weapons training within the dojo.

Kyoushi Dave Riches

Dave Riches is a regular guest instructor within Braintree Dojo. He has been training within Fuma ryu since 1993 and was the personal deshi to Sensei Adam Richardson. He currently holds the rank of Chukyu Renraku Shinobi and has over twenty years martial art experience.

Kyoushi Dave assists Braintree dojo to add his knowledge and perspectives to training. He specialises in the use of the kusari, ground fighting and self defence applications for ninjutsu techniques.


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